Monday, January 3, 2011


Yay. It's the start of 2011 and I'm fucking sick. Here's a shit box I painted to commemorate 2010.

I've gained a lot of weight in my chestal area. Some people get beer guts, I get beer tits. What better way to show them off by painting them?

Might as well show the backside if I show my front.

It was actually a very busy end of the year for me with a lot of cooking and painting including this gem of a coffee shop called Dark Cloud up in Lincoln Park. I accidentally walked in on the camera dude taking a dump at the cafe before the locks worked in the bathroom. It was traumatizing and it also made me realize how truly truly helpless one is sitting on the toilet doing the biz. I'm just glad he wasn't jerking off or anything.




They do have stellar coffee and the cafe is a breath of fresh air to what is a yuppie mecca of douche yuppy clothing stores along Halsted.

Got to see DJ Madadam while he was in town from Costa Rica...apparently Costa Rican's sweat stains are all happy. It looks like his nipples are really really close together in order to create such a stain.

I hate the holidays.

Got to cook for the 2nd Brew B Q that involved a lot of drinking, great home brews, a lot of cooking and kick ass bands old school house party's a recap cause I'm too lazy to take photos...

This is how I like to celebrate the Holidays by drinking outdoors in a make shift Germanic village downtown saluting a giant gay tree.

So working in retail during the holidays can make one a little nutty. In this case I decided to completely paint a finger blue and point at disdaining white people for fun. Apparently Sam found this to be a welcoming site.

Painting helps dealing with the stress of Whole Foods Market customers.

But going to a party and seeing this helps even more. The puke I spewed out this night was exquisite. Really creamy and easy coming out of my nose. Work the next day wasn't as pleasant.

I like seeing older paintings of mine cause it reminds that I wasn't so cynical and uncaring back in the day. I actually cared!!! Oh well.

Before the Holidays...

After the holidays...

So, I did work a ton during the holidays cooking, painting, drinking, and eating. I will try and document a little better and maybe reintroduce a real camera like I used to in my blogs. I feel weird taking pics at a food event, but I do get to cook and eat some interesting things so maybe a little effort in documenting is called for on my end. MY BAD. I hope everyone's 2011 is off to a kicking start.

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  1. i'd wondered if you were still working at GI. the draft board on the brewery side as of sunday is clearly not your work. and i really dig that final wall at dark cloud.