Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Finally Really Winter Here in the Chi

The nephew loves taking his bath. As you can tell by this picture, he is quite satisfied...

Until he found out that his uncle was washing himself with a rag on a stick.

Taking a Korean mother out to eat can seem like a task at times. But when you have a mother that usually craves good ol' BBQ, specific cravings for pasta with clams in red sauce is a little daunting. Luckily, La Scarola in the West Loop had just the thing. Good ol' fashioned Italian everything.

Complete with arguing old men.

Had the bada bing pasta, the hey what is this dish, and the get outta here entree...kidding, thats racist. We just had the dago special complete with eggplant parm, shell pasta in cream sauce, and the linguine with clams and red sauce. It was reallllllly good. Service was excellent, and the Tiramisu was delicious like a hairy Italian mom's arms.

The Golden Child approves.

Had an all store meeting for work the same night from 1030pm - 12am. Yes, it is as exciting as it sounds. Product placement anyone?

Had Sketch Thursday the next day, a group of artists (anyone is welcome) meet every second and fourth Thursday of the month and just kick it and draw. I also DJ this evening with a stellar list of other resident DJs. Uriel has his, "I just made a boom boom in my pants" face on. While Sam is finally smelling that boom boom.

Justin Timberlake's son rolled through and drew some awesome naked chicks touching themselves...seriously. Come by and make fun of us, drink, or draw with us! Lokal - 1904 w. North ave. Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. 830pm-whenevs.

Had a meat cooking class/demo the next day at work. Here is a leg of lamb getting ready to get his cook on.

Here it is seven hours later. LIKE BUTTA. There was a ton of other meat, but hard to document when cooking and trying to talk to a crowd at the same time. Let's just say that all of the attendees probably shat a delicious meat brick the next morning.

I have an awesome staff that cooks, cleans, and organizes the kitchen really well so we got out early enough to enjoy a beverage right downstairs. This sour beer made my dick wet a little. It was funky, sweet, tart, and drinkable. Can I get a "thats what she said"?

Went to check out Matthew Dear over at The Mid, a new venue near Fulton and Halsted. Cool spot, great sound, and I do appreciate the early shows. Matthew Dear had a live band and did an awesome trick.

He made his head explode into a ball of light. I was not expecting that at all.

Finally checked out Haymarket pub right down the street after we got tired of paying 6 dollars for Heinekens at The Mid.

Another brewpub that has an extensive list of "craft" beers and does a little brewing of their own. I really did enjoy the options for ounces of great beer that you can buy. I'm all about the average price of 2 dollar 4 ounce pours they have. The vegan burger I had there was probably one of the best veggie burgers I've had in the city.

Woke up the next day with a massive hangover and remembered that I had to finish a project for an art show happening over at the Oh No Doom gallery this weekend. It felt really good to work a little larger than I normally do. This was mostly acrylic on canvas. I lost about 45089 brain cells putting on the gloss for this fucker.

Feeling a little cabin fever, Dio here suggested we go out for a beer or COCKtail. Yes, that is my subtle and kitsch way of saying I went to a couple of gay bars.

Girls love gay bars. I looked a homeless person in this land of "haaaaaaaaayyyyysssss" and good design. Kit Kat Lounge has shows every 20 minutes. You know whats coming up next.

Of course I got picked on. The show consists of lip syncing drag queens. What can I say about this pic? It's a fucking disaster. I look like I'm crying, scared, and angry at the same time. This is why people make fun of Asians. We do look weird and uncomfortable everywhere.

Why stop at one gay bar, when there is one right across the street that has karaoke? Dio was in beard heaven. I'll say one thing about gay bars, they're all happy and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I probably looked like the old man drunk raining on their many parades and fests.

Woke up the next morning to go painting out in the cold for no good reason. Who are the best laborers? You got it Mexicans. Here is a Jose buffing the wall to get our paint on.

Here is the start. This would prove to be a testament to how much I still love to paint. It was fucking cold, ice on the ground, no bathroom in sight, no food, an hour bus ride, waking up at 9am on a was still fun to get something on a wall and get back to roots.

Here it is four hours later. My body was basically frigid.

Close up.

I wasn't the only one suffering. Here's Xaust wishing it was Corona weather.

Like one with his minimal style and love for doo doo brown colors. It reminded him of his cotillion.

Came back home looking forward to leftovers from Istabul down the street from the house. The veggie moussaka was pretty tasty at first but upon further inspection, you can see how much potato they actually used which made up almost all of the dish. Boo on them for cheaping out and being lazy...the humongous potatoes were cut to serve as a platform for all of the other veggies stacked on top of it and look bigger. Fuck that shit.

So my new favorite app on my phone is the offender locator. This thing is just amazing, sad, funny, and crazy. Look at all of the offenders in my area?! I recommend it. Yes, they have pictures.

Thank you to all of the readers! I really am grateful that I can semi provide entertainment during your own busy days. Lemme know if there is anything I should check out, eat, or drink! I'd love to hear suggestions. I'm fucking tired.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fucking Bears...

The Chicago Bears played like little bitches yesterday and lost to the Green Bay Packers...the SAME Green Bay Packers that we lost to, to let them into the playoffs. I figure this photo would do them justice since all the millionaire athletes have to think about now is Valentine's Day instead of the Super Bowl.

Before this great letdown, I did get to enjoy my favorite comfort food during winter. A steaming hot bowl of Beef Pho. My staple is Tank Noodle but they is closed on Wednesday's so I opted for the second best in my book which is Pho 777 right down the street on Argyle. They had Whitney Houston's greatest hits CD playing as I dove my face into this beef masterpiece.

Had a big beer pairing dinner at work that I had to prep for. It was a great class with a great turnout. I wish I was able to take some pics of the meal itself but, it was pretty chaotic trying to feed 35 ppl at once. Here are all of the blood oranges I supremed for my roasted pepper blood orange salsa.

80 indvidual lamb chops marinating with beer, garlic, lemons, and some herbs. 24 hrs. son!

Here is one of the five courses finished. The lamb chop with the blood orange mint salsa or a piece of doo doo with a stick sticking out. My camera ain't got no flash.

After the hectic dinner was over, Sean our beer buyer and the pairer for the night decided that we should get the hell away from "craft" beers so we opted for Joe's on Broadway for a pitcher of Blatz's for 9 bucks. Complete with a Marlin on the wall.

This is my go to dive around my house. It's cheap, friendly and they have slim jim's here for a buck. Any place with encased meats and cheap beer with 50 year old bartenders is aces in my book.

Woke up next morning to what look liked a bunch of buildings on fire. This can only mean one thing in Chicago - Its gonna be cold as fuck outside.

On my way to a stout tasting at a friends house and had to represent on the bus son.

Making chili from scratch is so much easier if you prep the day before. Or have a Latin cut up shit for you. I didn't have one handy so I just did everything myself.

Jason and I made two different chili's for all the soon to be drunkards. Stouts and chili's? I feel bad for all of the toilets that were just wrecked that night.

Our buddy Harold offered some fresh pasta and octopus from Spiaggia for a "staff" dinner of sorts. This concoction had some shredded brussels, white wine, garlic, and mushrooms. I love cooking off the cuff with good ingredients. It makes my penis move.

So it begins...

So yeah, a lot of hot chicks up in this beer tasting.

There were over 40 heavy ass beers to be sampled. This is me 30 beers in, pretending to drink out of the spit bucket. The sick thing is that my lips did come into contact with the liquid. I would imagine the taste to be like tossing the salad of an overweight inmate who always over wipes his ass and then steeped in his sweat for a few other words, unpleasant. I was also proud to wear an awesome tee designed by friend Sam Alcaraz for Thirsty Dudes.

To make things more interesting, Aaron from Stone Brewing Co. rolled through with this wicked box of goodies. A lot of offers were made to obtain this box but no dice. This later housed cupcakes to take back to the wifey.

Do you see that little circle with the 32% in it? This fucking beer made me almost immediately gag. 32% ABV is not normal. One sip is equivalent to a 24 pack of PBR's and three single speed bikes.

This was a beaut. Poured like diesel fuel, tasted like tree bark with chocolate.

Tasty, but lackluster compared to all of the hype that was surrounded by this beer. Label is cool at least, kind of like Humpty meets storm trooper.

The '10, '09, '08, '07 were all solid. The '09 was infected, but it was still a tasty beer.

I actually liked all of the Jackie O's that were present for this tasting. They all had a distinct chocolate, woodsy flavor that I appreciated.

I don't want to bother with a description of every single beer I had, let's just say it was a shit ton. This picture doesn't do it justice, along with the few growlers that were present as well. Lowdive member and friend John took awesome shots of the evening here and Jason cataloged almost every single beer we had in the evening here. Trust me, its worth taking a look.

This all led up to what was supposed to be a Bears victory. Instead, the weekend ended on a somber note with their loss and disappointing performance. There's a saying in this city that is often heard way too often - "There's always next year." FUCK THAT SHIT, I'm gonna start rooting for the WNBA teams.

P.S. Nephew is getting closer and closer to walking. Cuteness will prevail.