Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July In Review

I dont know how the fuck we're in August already...I took a lot of dumb photos on my phone because its easy and I'm hella lazy when it comes to documenting. Ill save you the trouble of doing a massive 60 photo post and do a few select photos of shit I got into.

Here is a massive chalk board I did for Goose Island right hand almost fell off after this beast. I realized after I finished that all fruit and veggies look like dicks and balls.

Had the pleasure of participating in a 3 man show at Rivet Gallery. It was a great opening. I wish I remembered any of it. Magic Hat brewery sponsored...enough said

This fucker cost so much to ship I turned Orange in anger (I'm yellow plus red for anger, get it?)

I love it when people go to an opening only to look at everything but the art.

I also cook from time to time and I love cooking with the folks over at Xmarx. Sort of an underground supper club which you can find more about here. This is inspiring and kind of scary at the same time.

Here is my asshole moment of the month taking advantage of a sleeping passenger on the Red Line. I couldn't resist. I stole his weed.

I sometimes find time to paint with the homies and this day was blazing hot, but we got through it and I think the piece came out okay. I'm glad it was a smaller wall. Any bigger, I would have turned into a yellow ooze. If you want to see more shit click here.

I had sort of a culinary school reunion at an amazing cabin just outside of Chicago in Laporte, Indiana. It was a free for all with all of the local produce and herbs grown right outside the window. This happens to be kiwi soaked in vodka on top of a rosemary lemon soup garnished with fresh blueberries and diced assorted peppers. One of many things was a great day. My shit smelled amazing.

Felt honored to DJ a wedding where both the bride and groom are friends of mine. I got a little decked out to respect their wedding and courtship. This was held over at the Morton Arboretum. Amazing outdoor garden park/trail thing. Nothing sarcastic to say about this day. Congrats out to Natalie and Parker!

Became an uncle to this amazing kid. Chan Yu Kim coming in at a whopping 10 lbs. He's pretty amazing. I'm sure he will learn the ways of the Kim family, making fun of everything and anything he can.

I've never put so much text on such a small amount of space. Carpel Tunnel anyone? I know the beer illustration looks like a root beer float.

I like the way this turned out for the folks over at Caliente who had a catering gig over at Akin. This is a hybrid of a vinyle cut out, spray paint, and acrylic paint. Have fun peeling this off guys.

I havent been over to Hopleaf in a long time so I got to treat myself to great beer (again) and their famour Belgian style mussels. This charcuterie platter had fucking duck proscuitto! I almost shit myself, it was so good.

Checked out the Jordan Years over at Tonic Room. This band made me forget how magical live music can be. They were really freaking good and rocked the small venue with stinking rave dancing hippies. If you have the chance to see them live, I suggest you do so.

So that's pretty much it. I drank a ton more than what I'm showing and I recently did work for Urban Burger Bar which you should check out soon as well. You may recognize the handwriting on the wall.

Ill be posting soon enough. Until then check out the flickr or website.

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