Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stupid Smart Phones and Their Stupid Updates

So now I have photos from February and had to take all new photos...This fucker was delicious.

Dessert. This is how I lure my catch, I rub doo doo on my fingers and naturally dogs will come to me.

This happy couple have been together for a couple of years. They'll adopt some Asian or African baby soon. Ha I kid...They're ugly dikes.

They have matching pillows.

Recent work. I pretend to paint sometimes.

This is every Asian man's dream to have a shoe size this big to disprove and discredit the stereotype of AZN men and their ummmm...shortcomings...Yao Ming is all we have thus far.


Black and White cookie, Ebony and Ivory, Unification, Diversity, Reparations, Interracial Love...It was actually a drug transaction.

I do chalkboards here and there. This was one of the more cohesive ones that I took my time on.

I also enjoy an adult beverage from time to time.

I wish I can say that this was taken on Halloween...

I pretend to cook and eat well, this was actually a cheeseburger liquified with duck fat cubes, and shredded placenta.

Got to attend the Festival of Barrel Aged Beers...This is one of two photos I took and remember from the event. Black out drunk, puking, crying, wandering, falling - I don't remember any of it. I just know I'm going next year. Carter thought it was Halloween so he decided to look like a young Chuck Norris.

Half of these beer nerds were talking about World of Warcraft and Magic card gatherings.

I successfully babysat my nephew for the first time. This picture says it all, I have a funny looking face.

My timing on these posts are terrible. This is the subdued version of things I ate, painted, drank, cooked and DJed. I'm a terrible photographer, and updater. I did however get to see Predators finally and thought Lawrence Fishburne got fat as fuck.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Random Shitty Photos from my Iphone.

Awesome pooch. More delicious.

A fucking Delorian along Milwaukee Ave. I thought I went "Back to the Future."

I always like the light under the liquor bottles to make it look almost idyllic. It's evil.

A glow in the dark Lake Monster toy series from Squibbles Ink.

Beef Tenderloin moment from a wedding I was djing at.

You'll never guess where this beer is from.

Everyone needs a hobby sometimes.

Got a new toy to do fruity French things to food with.

Takin it to the Streets festival painting. I argued with a Muslim girl who lied to us.

Xmarx the spot beyotch. If you dont know, now you know.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Psych Out.

This is probably one of the most visually intense shows I've been a part of. The opening for Psych Out was last night and I can't believe I am up at 9am writing this. I should still be asleep dreaming about pigs fornicating with lamb to create an ultimate gyros meat...this is what I dream and think about alllll the time. Anywho, Jarrett and I have worked our balls off particularly this past week to really make this show come together. It was hot as shit in the gallery during the week, we were tired, stankin, and going a little crazy. This is the first time a show almost sold out!

Enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Hipster letters.

This is sort of a close up of the installation we did in the front room. I think its safe to say that I lost about 50,000 brain cells and maybe impotent now. No mask and spray paint indoors = stupid.

This is sort of the approach Jarrett and I took in doing the whole show. Kind of organized chaos, almost schizophrenic. A lot of swearing went down.

These fuckers are huge.

My nephew Chan-Yu made it out. Ladies, he is totally single. He may look young but he's already seen boobs. Light years ahead of me.

Jova, 1/4 of the The Beer Run Gallery also served as the bartender and got everyone drunk. Solid work all around from the staff. The night went solidly due to the hard work these guys did throughout the night.

View from outside.

So fast forward 5 hours later where I'm pretty wasted, tired, and drenched in sweat and rain. Time to head down to Simone's for a night cap. Cheech and Chong 2010.

Loly and Nuntida representin. Loly sat in that pose for hours. We thought she was a stuffed animal.

Here's Dave and Britt sitting pretty. Nuntida with the perfect timing with the thumb up. Her hand really is the size of Dave's head. It's really gross.

CZR and Tatiana trying to figure out who cut the cheese.

This was a show Jarrett and I really worked our asses off on and I like to think that the work spoke for itself on intensity and completion. The opening was awesome despite the rain and heat, everyone was very supportive and I couldn't be more grateful for a night like that. Yeah yeah yeah - sentimental, but I really did appreciate all of the people that came through. I also almost barfed in the cab ride home and maxed out a DiGiorno pizza - its a mothafuckin self rising crust bitch!!!